Polvano - Olive oil - Cold extracted and not filtered

Since ancient times, one of the Polvano valley’s most prominent characteristics is olive trees.
Today, Italy’s best olives grow in Tuscany, where climate, ground conditions and a very careful selection of fruit permit a definitively superior olive oil.
Polvano is renowned for its excellent varieties of “Frantoiano” and “Moraiolo”, which are grown ecologically.
Hand picked and sorted at the moment of ripening, the olives are ground the same day mechanically and cold extracted in an old stone mill. Our oil is not filtered in order to maintain all of the fruit’s precious properties. Thanks to this process, and the fact that we use our own olives exclusively, we are able to obtain a fine product which is characterized by its delicious taste and high nutrional value.
The best way to enjoy our “extra vergine” is to drip it over salad and cooked vegetables to maintain its properties and flavour. We will be most happy to offer you our olive oil and to share recipes from Tuscany with our guests.

Polvano olive oil tuscany